July 12: Ceramic Hand-building Workshop with Artist Kathryn O'Halloran

July 12: Ceramic Hand-building Workshop with Artist Kathryn O'Halloran


When: Thursday, July 12, 2018 at 7:00 pm

Where: SANSO Los Angeles

2915 Knox Ave. #103
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Learn how to hand build your own ceramic vessel with sculptor Kathryn O’ Halloran in our SANSO studio.

This workshop is perfect for beginner sculptors and for anyone who wants to delve more into the world of hand-crafting your very own vessels for all your curated plant or floral arrangements (check out our workshop for floral arrangements by next week at Sanso).

*Beverages and wine will be served!


Artist Bio:

Kathryn O’Halloran is originally from Oak Park, IL. and received her MFA at Cranbrook Academy in 2013. Kathryn currently lives and works in South Pasadena, CA, and creates spaces that aid in self-care and quietude in the face of a bleak socio-economic future for young Americans.  She often guilds surfaces with conductive metals used in emergency situations. The mirror-like quality attracts attention, holds heat, and reflects light.  By returning the viewer’s own warmth back to herself, O’Halloran explores the notion of self saving self.  Appearing often in her installations are her light and sound bowls.  These are places to ruminate on the dichotomies of exposure and secrecy, fullness and emptiness.  Her sculptures serve as a reminder that what can appear at first glance to be devoid of substance can instead be fully inhabited by sunlight and body heat.

*She is also featured as one of the artists at SANSO’s first group art show, Movement of Matter - currently showing until July 22.

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