Here's some answers to your frequently asked questions, and some basic plant care facts!


What is SANSO?

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For each and every single plant we handpick here at SANSO, we label them accordingly with crucial information on how to take care of that designated plant. Because we care to ensure the longevity of your plants, we provide specific information about the plant name, how much sunlight and water is needed, when to water it, how the soil condition should be, and etc.


Depending on what type of plant you purchase from us, it needs different amounts of water for the right kind of care.
Here's a basic guideline.

-desert plants: once every 2-3 weeks
-Flowering plants: once every week


To make sure how the soil condition of your plant is, check out our moisture meters. *LINK*



If I purchase a plant from SANSO, but just want it in my own pot or planter - will you guys be able to repot it for me?

Yes, we totally can! We offer repotting services, starting from $5. To make sure the plant is set and rooted correctly within the pot or planter, we repot your plant and also top it off with rocks for a clean look.

Small plants: $5
Medium-sized plants: $10
Floor medium-sized plants: $25
Anything larger than that: $40

*If you have further questions about the pricing, no worries! A SANSO sales associate will guide you through the process and tell you how much it will cost.

Why are the leaves on my plant turning brown?

it could be a few different reasons, but here's are two COMMOn reasons why:

1. you could be watering it way too often. please make sure to not overwater your plants.
2. gnats, gnats, gnats, gnats in the soil.

What can i do if my plant has gnats?
- you can purchase gnat spray from any local hardware shops (e.g. home depot) in order to protect your green friends from these bugs. 

-we also have neem oil bottle sprays available in our shop that can continue helping with reviving your plant and keeping it healthy. (*LINK)